My Two Best Friends

It has been exactly one year since I sent my first blog out for the world to see. I was really nervous at first but I have come to enjoy this opportunity to share a bit of Watts Tree Farm and some of my inner thoughts with the world. I will continue to write about once a month and hope that those who follow this blog will find some interesting bits of information from time to time.

The woodlot is not only enjoyed by me but it is enjoyed by my two best friends. I’d like to introduce you to Muffin and Sophie. Muffin is the senior of the two and is actually a millennium puppy born in 2000. Sophie is a friend we adopted from a local animal shelter when she was about two years old. We are not exactly sure when she was born but we think she is about five now. We feel very lucky to have them in our lives and we hope they feel lucky to have a home with all of this great room to run and play.


Muffin out for walk in the woodlot on an Autumn day.

We often go to the woodlot together.  The “Ladies” as I like to call them, run and follow their noses to every interesting smell they can find.  Muffin is getting a little older and slower now but that suits me just fine as I am too.  She is not as interested in what is up in the trees as Sophie is.  Her idea of a good chase after something near to the ground last all of about 10 seconds.  She is much more comfortable these days with sticking close to me as we walk.

Sophie doing what she does best...Watching the trees for squrrils.

Sophie doing what she does best…Watching the trees for squirrels.

Sophie on the other hand has a bit more energy.  She can literally spend hours looking up into the trees trying to figure out how to get up there where the squirrels are.  She is fascinated by squirrels.

You have to be a pet owner to really appreciate how enjoyable it is to have these furry friends to go on walks with.  It is truly heart warming to watch them running and exploring the woodlot. They remind you of children playing and exploring and find lots of new things.  It is an adventure every time we head out.  It is good for me too.  Because they need to go for a walk means I need to go with them.  It gets us all out of the house.  We’ve watched a lot of really beautiful sunset together and seen eagles soaring over head.  Things we may have missed if we had stayed home.

"Something smells good in here!"

“Something smells good in here!”

Muffin and Sophie out on one of the trails in the woodlot.

Muffin and Sophie out on one of the trails in the woodlot.

These two are very good to stay close to home when ever they are out on their own.  They get really excited if you ask them if they want to go for a walk.  They are pretty amazing and wonderful to have.  I think the feeling is pretty mutual. Watts Tree Farm is a special place I like to share with people and with pets. There is a little something for every one.

I think pet owners will understand the connection we all have to our pets.  It doesn’t  matter if you have a dog, a cat or a chinchilla, they all depend on us for food, shelter, protection and love!  I am reluctant to call my two ladies “pets” as to me they are “family”.  They make me smile more often than most people can.  And it makes me feel good to know that they have a good, safe and fun home to share.  The woodlot just adds an extra place for us all to have some fun and get some healthy exercise and explore the great outdoors.

To those of you who follow this blog I want to say “Thank You!”  To those who find this blog through internet searches I hope you find answers to the things you were searching for.    You can always get a larger image of any photo by clicking on it.  Until next time, keep safe and well.

4 thoughts on “My Two Best Friends

    • Thank You Mr. Hunt. Coming from a professional photographer, like you, I am extremely flattered. I simply write what I feel and my camera is as basic as it gets. I trust you and your family had a good Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful new year.

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