Woodlot Education

Over the years Watts Tree Farm has had a few visitors.  I throughly enjoy having people visit and passing on some of my thoughts and information about forests and forest management.  It doesn’t matter to me if it is a bus load of school children or a fellow woodlot owner who is just curious about what I am doing.  This is not to say that my way is the right way to manage, it is simply “My Way”.  Let’s face it, I had to learn from someone before I had confidence to make my own decision and now I am enjoying passing along some ideas for management that I use to guide me.

This past summer I had the great pleasure of having some Japanese visitors come out to see a bit of my woodlot.  unfortunately, I did not have my camera on the day the group visited.  However, there was one visitor who arrived later in the summer and I did get a photo of him.  Of course, I have to take people over to see the “big” pine tree simply because it is so impressive.  I should note that the visitors from Japan were in the region as part of my marketing work in building products.

Japanese visitor trying to get his arms around the “big” white pine.

During the summer I was also fortunate to have a couple of local teachers visit the woodlot during their summer vacation.   It’s nice that they would have enough interest to take some time during their holidays to learn more about PEI’s forest.   I have been contacted recently by a local woodlot owners group who are interested in visiting sometime this Autumn.  I think this is great as we can all learn from each other.  I am looking forward to the discussion that I hope will take place with fellow woodlot owners.  Even if some of them only want to come out for a nice walk on an Autumn day, it’s fine with me.  After all the forest is as much to be enjoyed for its beauty as it is for the products it can produce.

Local teachers receiving a brief lesson in Christmas tree shearing.

Teachers receiving an explanation of how branches turn into knots in lumber. They are also learing that pruning trees at a young age can produce higher value “clear” lumber.

Using Watts Tree Farm as an educational tool, for anyone who is interested, is something I look forward to doing when the opportunity arises.  Since I started this blog I am also realizing how powerful and useful communication technology can be.  I don’t get a lot of hits on this blog site but there are on average a couple of people each day who view it.  I am not looking for big numbers of people but I wish more people would leave comments or questions.  It is quite a thrill to see the places around the world where people are finding my blog.  I am sure they are not always finding exactly what they expect but I hope some find the blog interesting and informative.   I am not as advanced as many people in using technology.  In fact I usually find it quite challenging.   But, just as I am trying to reach out to others about forests I am also learing from others about the use of technology.

Remember you can get a larger image of any photo by clicking on it.

Until next time, keep safe and well.


2 thoughts on “Woodlot Education

  1. I stumbled across your blog while researching woodlot management.
    We are thinking about purchasing 115 acres of woodland and while we would like to clear some of it to build a house, we would also like to manage the forested section.
    I am so pleased to read through the valuable ideas you present in your blog. I have a much better idea of what things can be done with a woodlot! As a homeschooling mom, I am always learning along with my kids.
    I was wondering whether you would welcome a small group of homeschooled children and parents to visit your woodlot and when would be a good time to visit.

    • Hi Julie,
      I’d be more than happy to do this. I do the occasional tour when asked. I believe that our woodlot should be shared and enjoyed by many. You can give me a call sometime at 902 388-4050. I assume you are located somewhere on PEI.

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